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Sion Raj Ministries - Bible College


Sion Raj Bible Training College

Bible Training College was started in my rented house with two students in the year 1997.

In the year some believers asked me for Bible training needs, then I started classes regularly in the evenings from 7 PM to 7 PM everyday in a rented house. After some days we shifted to a school building where we completed training for 30 students.

So far we have trained hundreds of students from various Districts of Andhra Pradesh.

Particulars of Training held


Place held at


Students trained

Rahmath Nagar (Hyderabad) Rev. Das Garu 


Sainikpuri (Secunderabad) Rev. R. Militon Garu


Kaithpally (Guntur) Rev. Irmiyu Garu


Gadala (Rajmandry) Rev. Dr Jashuva


Kovuuru (west Godavari) Rev. Satyanarayana


Sangameshwaram (Krishna District) Rev. Mark Garu


Bellempally (Adilabad ) Rev. Praveen Garu


Godavarikani (Karimnagar) Rev. Madhusteven Garu


Anakapally (visakha District) Rev. Jeevan Garu 


Gajuvaka (Visakha District) Rev. Sangeeta Rao Garu


Malka puram Rev. Dr. Yesu Ratnam Garu


Shrunga varapu kota (Vijayanagaram) Rev. Dr. Divyaprasad Garu


Rai Banglaw (Srikakulam) Rev. Suguna Rao Garu


Srirampur (Adilabad) Rev. Mozes Garu


Bhupala patnam (Karimnagar) Rev. Dr Aamoos Garu


Bhupala patnam (Karimnagar) Rev. Dr Elia


Students who completed this training are serving the Lord independently & are more than 100 churches are planted.

We have Anointed 800 God servants who are serving the Lord independently in other Districts. Do you need Bible training? Do you want to start the Sion Raj Bible training classes in your area?

We are ready to help you. Only thing you need to do is:

You need to gather 30 students who are interested in Bible training, no denominational barriers, men, women, young, church elders or servants of God & evangelists

If 30 students are not available  in your place you can call from your neighbouring village churches. It is easy to bring 30 students if you start publicity at least two months before you start the Bible training. You need to distribute handbills to all the churches for announcements

You have to make your own arrangements to start the Bible training. Take any church or a hall where you have no disturbances in the middle of the week from Monday to Friday. You can use this place for prayers or any meetings only after 7 PM; Saturday and Sunday you can use full day

We will provide Rs 500/-per month for current and water bills. If you spend more than this amount for that you are responsible

Training will be conducted according to our prior agreement

Procedure of subjects taught in the training class

22 subjects will be taught in the Bible training course. Every week that is from Monday to Friday (5 days) time morning 10 AM to evening 5 PM. One teacher will teach one subject.

Each teacher will stay 5 days with you and teach one subject and go.

Teacher's accommodations & food is your responsibility. We will give Rs 1,200/- to a teacher for their transportation.

Benefits from bible teacher

The teacher who is visiting you every week is filled with Holy Spirit and gifts of Grace, therefore every day. After bible class at night meetings you can use them in your churches. It should not be any hindrance to your Bible classes. As Lord leads you can give them token of love offerings.

Bible college necessity

No age limit

No academic education

No denominational barriers

Women & men are eligible

2 years course will be taught in 3 months

Identity card will be issued

Anointing the pastor

Sion Raju Bible training will select the students after completing the course who are faithful to God and live a holy life, humble and full of Bible wisdom.

Eligibility to join in Bible training

Salvation experience

Immersion Baptism

Holy life

Humbleness, dedication and prayerful life

Every month Rs 150/- should be paid

Has to carry own food

TA is on your own

No boarding & lodging

No support after the course

No church buildings are provided

Only anointing is our ministry

If you want to work with us its upto you

2 yrs subjects are taught is 15 weeks after that certificate will be issued.

Establishment of 500 Bible training colleges

We would like to establish the Bible training colleges in the major cities of India, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai & Bangalore. In Andhra Pradesh, we would like to start in every Mandal, District and we would also like to start in every state of the country and also other countries like Australia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Malaysia, Singapore and America.

We need Rs 20,000 to start training a single batch at each place. You can support us every month according to your convenience as a monthly offering. We are running the ministry in many places by prayers and by faith.

If you would like to contibute for this ministry, please contact us.